About Premier Group

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Premier Group is to create an alliance of independent distributors and suppliers who are committed to the success of each other's businesses as well as their own.


Distributor Member's Goal

While each distributor company remains an independent business entity, it is the goal of the group to build a strong alliance that can be looked upon by others in the promotional products industry as a group of sales professionals worthy of the highest form of sales support.

Distributor Mission Statement

The mission of Premier Group Distributors is two-fold: support the other distributor members of the group via the sharing of information, knowledge and buying power. actively look for opportunities to support our supplier partners whose products appear in the Premier Group promotional product catalog.

Supplier Mission Statement

The mission of Premier Group Suppliers is to provide sales support to all participating distributors. Such support includes but is not limited to:

1. Nationwide competitive pricing support.
2. Active sales representative support.
3. Priority processing of distributor orders.
4. A sample policy that provides an economical method for distributors to purchase or receive samples as needed to support the supplier lines.
5. Provide product images as determined by the distributor members of the catalog committee for inclusion in the printed catalog and for publishing on the group web site.

 Premier Group Events
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